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This recording was made on a sunny day in March on the east coast of Scotland at a place called Seaton Cliffs, using the Sony HiMD MiniDisc Recorder MZ-NH 1 in the PCM mode, the Soundman OKM II with the A 3 Adapter and a windshield.

The microphones were worn like headphones, while doing the recording.

For the best result, listen to this track using headphones.

One could hardly hear the waves because of the noise, the seagulls made.


Filesize: 2.823 KB

Duration: 3 min

Same day, same equipment and just a little bit down the shore. No seagulls here, but nice waves.


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Duration: 2 min 59 sec

This recording was done in Highland Perthshire, also in March, using the same equipment, but with a rycote windjammer and the microphones used as boundary layer microphones, because of the wind.

It felt very relaxed on the hilltop with the typical sounds of Scottish Birds.


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Duration: 3 min 12 sec



This recording was made in a garden in Highland Perthshire, in the morning, in May, using once again the Soundman OKM II with the Sony portable DAT recorder TCD-D7, the SBM-1 (Super Bit Mapping) from Sony and a Sennheiser Dummy Head (Kunstkopf) to hold the microphones. Later, like all the sound samples here on this website, it was transfered to mp3.


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Duration: 2 min 46 sec

Same garden with a Robin singing and plenty of insects. Listen to this with headphones and you feel those bumble-bees swarming around your head. Again the Soundman OKM II with the Sony TCD-D7 DAT recorder and the SBM-1.


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Duration: 1 min 31 sec

Back in Perthshire again with the Sony HiMD MiniDisc Recorder MZ-NH 1 in the PCM mode and the Soundman OKM II with the A 3 Adapter . This gear is so easy to carry, that it is no problem to take it on a walk. No wind, so no problems on that score, while doing the recording. Don´t those sheep sound human?


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Duration: 2 min 55 sec

Nighttime means owl-time, at least in spring. Recorded in April 2009, using a different equipment. This time two AT 3031 microphones from AudioTechnica, the Shure FP-24 preamp and a R-09HR recorder from Edirol.


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Duration: 1 min 17 sec


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